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Encore Solar's Smart Safe Solar Solutions stand out from traditional solar-only providers in several key ways:

Integrated Home Automation and Security Features:

Unlike traditional solar-only providers, Encore Solar offers a comprehensive approach to home energy management. Our solutions seamlessly integrate advanced home automation and security features such as smart thermostats, security cameras, and much more with an ADT or Brinks Security System. 

This integration ensures that you not only benefit from clean, renewable energy but also enjoy enhanced comfort, convenience, and security in your home.

Industry-Exclusive "Smart Solar Home" Installations:

Encore Solar takes solar installations to the next level by offering industry-exclusive "Smart Solar Home" installations. These installations go beyond basic solar panel setups by incorporating cutting-edge automation and security technologies. From monitoring security cameras through a smartphone app, and other cutting edge features, our Smart Solar Homes provide homeowners with unprecedented control and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Customer Benefits and Rewards:

Encore Solar goes above and beyond to reward our customers for choosing renewable energy solutions. Every Encore Solar customer receives complimentary accommodations for two for 4 days & 3 nights to a luxury resort in either Orlando FL or Las Vegas NV for attending a "Smart Home" Solar Savings Report virtual meeting. These exclusive benefits demonstrate our commitment to providing you with unparalleled value and a no pressure experience in determining if a Smart Safe Solar Solution is the right choice for you.

Efficient Installation Processes and Nationwide Coverage:

Through our partnership with ADT & Brinks Security as well as Freedom Forever our Nationwide NABCEP Certified solar energy installer, Encore Solar offers efficient and expedited installation processes. With home security and automation systems typically installed within a few days of enrollment and solar projects typically beginning within 90 days, you can start enjoying the benefits of solar power sooner than with traditional providers.

And because of our partners massive buying power (over 150,000 installations nationwide and counting) we're able to provide the latest A rated state of the art equipment at the lowest price, saving our customers thousands of dollars compared to other solar providers.

 Additionally, Encore Solar can install solar in 34 states (and counting) providing nationwide coverage and accessibility to homeowners across the country.

Long-Term Guarantees and Performance Assurance:

Encore Solar stands behind the quality and reliability of our Smart Safe & Secure Solar Solutions. We provide a 25-year solar system guarantee, as well as an industry-exclusive 25-year solar production guarantee. These guarantees ensure that you can trust your investment in solar energy for years to come, offering peace of mind and confidence in your decision to go solar with Encore Solar.

In summary, Encore Solar's Smart Safe & Secure Solar Solutions differentiate us from traditional solar-only providers by offering integrated home automation and security features, industry-exclusive installations, comprehensive customer benefits, efficient installation processes, nationwide coverage, and long-term guarantees. 

With Encore Solar, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy while enhancing comfort, convenience, and security in your home.
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